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Bad credit is becoming more common with consumers, and therefore, so is used car financing. With new car prices and auto loan rates both on a steady incline the purchasing of pre-owned vehicles is more popular now than ever before. At we can help you get into an affordable used car loan regardless of your credit history. Click Apply Now to see how much you will prequalify for.
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Used Car Loan

Used Car Loan Financing

If you are in need a new vehicle, but don't want to spend a lot consider financing a used car. Anyway you look at it; you're going to save money on a second hand car over a new car. At we have the tools and experience to help you find a local used car dealership to that will give you your best chance of an approval, regardless of your credit situation.

If you have recently suffered from poor credit scores and don't know where else to turn, you have come to the right place. For over 20 years we have been helping residents from the US and Canada with both good and bad credit get into an affordable used car loan that fits their budget. By understanding the process of financing a used car you are giving yourself a better chance at rebuilding your credit, and getting one step closer to financial stability.

Step 1 Credit Profile
 Credit Profile Min Score  
 Good Credit 700
 Fair Credit 625
 Situational Bad Credit 575
 Bad Credit 525
 Very Bad Credit N/A
Estimated Approval Amount:
Step 2 Monthly Income
Total Monthly Income before taxes are deducted:
Step 3 Monthly Recurring Debt
Rent or Mortgage:
Credit Card Payments:
Other Loan Payments:
(Do not include utility bills or old car payment.)
Used Car Financer
Country Postal Code
Auto Loan Requirements
  • All bankruptcies must be discharged.
  • Must reside in the United States or Canada.
  • Payments cannot exceed 20% of monthly net income.
  • No repossessions in the past year unless included in a bankruptcy.
  • $1,600 minimum monthly gross income for bureau scores under 600.
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Find out how to finance a used car in your area from our large network of car loan lenders. If you're looking for differnt pre owned vehicle finance options visit our auto loan tips and advice.